Playtest of version 2018-6

Tomorrow night, I plan on taking Perfect Pitch back to the Cardboard Cafe Developer's Night. Last visit there confirmed my suspicion that Perfect Pitch would function much better and smoother as a custom card-driven improv party game. In the last three weeks, I've been diving into the world of InDesign, layout and scripting... and built out decks of cards, both in a DriveThruCards-compatible format, and a 9-up print-and-play format suitable for printing on card stock or sleeving (or both).

This also necessitated updating the rules -- however, I've managed to preserve both a method of playing with custom cards, and the existing way of playing with an ordinary deck of playing cards and a quick reference table. While the custom cards are a far more seamless experience, playing cards are more universally available (and work quite well with a digital version of the game).

As a result of all this work, Perfect Pitch is getting closer and closer to completion. I'd estimate it's about at 95% complete. I'd like a bit more art on the custom cards (the card backs, particularly), but I'm really happy with how it turned out, and how it plays in the few playtests I've done since the rework.

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