BreakoutCon 2018

I just got back from Breakout Con, a Toronto RPG/Tabletop convention. I brought along a few copies of Perfect Pitch, intending to just get some feedback, maybe a playtest or two. Instead, what I got was an outpouring of interest, and an increasingly obvious need to put up a landing page for the game itself.

Perfect Pitch is a collaborative improv style creation game. The players take on the roles of indie developers and corporate producers and workshop a game idea, trading creativity and soul for the funds to keep the studio open. For all the darkness in that description, the games themselves inevitably turn out to be ridiculous and hilarious games that have prompted more than one professional video game developer to say, "I want to make this game now."

Perfect Pitch is planned for a Summer 2018 release. Pre-orders are open now.


Perfect Pitch Rulebook

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