Pre-Orders, what?

Conspiracy Theory is the latest title to be added to the 2018 Pre-Order Bundle.

It wasn't initially on the slate for 2018, but as inspiration strikes, the empire has to strike back while the iron is hot. Or something. There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

So for those interested in pre-ordering, what's the deal, you ask? The pre-orders with Berdandy Studios work as follows: games will be available for the lowest price they'll ever be available, during production. Upon release, they'll be removed from the sale. If you like what I'm doing, you can get in early and save a few bucks, or wait and see at full price with the rest of the public. In the future, I'll offer pre-order bonuses, but the bonus for Conspiracy Theory is simply my undying thanks. This is essentially my alternative to a Patreon model, but one that works for me. It basically helps pay for the things I can't do all that well myself, like great hand-drawn art.

As for what's left to do, Conspiracy Theory has full complete rules (they're short and concise -- in fact, before I decided to flesh the rules out a little more, I was considering it for the 200-word-rpg contest -- it's a bit bigger than that now). It has completed layout, both in PDF and Fixed-Layout ePub formats. Reflowable-ePub has some errors, so that'll take a bit of extra blood, sweat, and tears. The placeholder artwork also needs to be replaced with final art -- but there's only a single piece left to go.

After that, it's some side production work: a trailer, a gameplay video, some gameplay stills.

And then we'll have a product to launch. Or maybe that's exactly what the Illuminati want you to think.


Conspiracy Theory Rules 1 kB
May 12, 2018

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